Organic pasta

BIO LINE - Organic Pasta

Naturally health conscious

The Colavita Organic Pasta is made with durum wheat from organic farminge and its production undergoes to strict and accurate controls.

The Colavita Organic Pasta has the taste and flavor of a great pasta. We carefully select the durum wheat to use in our exclusive production process.

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buy a packet of organic pasta means to make precise choices:

Buy a product 100% natural, OGM FREE

because during farming and all production's phases we use only natural or mineral ingredients, excluding any kind of fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, medicinal product and chemical preservative and excluding the use of genetically modified organisms.

Respecting the environment

In the cultivation we respect the environment and its equilibriums;

we restrict air and water pollution, avoiding over-exploitation of natural resources and soil erosion, preserving biodiversity.