The Company

When quality meets tradition

The Colavita pasta factory was born in 1912, in a small village of the Molise region, called Sant'Elia a Pianisi, in province of Campobasso. From here began its history.

In 1979, due to an increase in output and exports, the company transferred its activity to the municipality of Ripalimosani, closer to Campobasso. This commitment is aimed at achieving the company's main goal, to keep on making the ancient spirit of tradition meet the market's requirements.

"Offer an artisan product at an industrial price", this is INDALCO'S philosophy.

Consequently the company installed the most up to date machinery and equipment in line with the highest quality standards. The rise in output and exports has been constant, but there has been no change in the care and attention devoted to the product.

Today Colavita Indalco is a modern reality in the Italian food industry and its products have long since expanded beyond the Italian national boarders to reach North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.